Agave Syrup

The Agave syrup is obtained in Mexico from the heart of the agave plant. We only use the high-qua­lity plant «Agave Weber Tequi­lana» (the same plant is used in tequila pro­duc­tion). First, the juice is extra­cted from the agaves, then fil­tered and then thi­c­kened at 48°C. Agave syrup con­tains many important mine­rals and has a low gly­cemic index.

With its mild taste and intense sweet­ness, agave syrup can be used in many ways: to sweeten drinks, as a spread, in salads and for baking. Our agave syrup comes from organic far­ming and is vegan.

Visually, agave syrup is similar to honey and maple syrup, but agave syrup has a very mild, almost neu­tral taste. There are also darker vari­ants. The darker the color, the stronger and more caramel-like is the aroma.

We offer our organic agave syrup in IBC con­tainer in the fol­lo­wing qualities:

  • Agave Weber Tequi­lana Pre­mium Extra White
  • Agave Weber Tequi­lana Pre­mium Extra Light Amber
  • Agave Weber Tequi­lana Pre­mium Amber
  • Agave Weber Tequi­lana Pre­mium Row (Amber)


Inulin is one of the pre­biotic sup­ple­ments. It is of great importance in the pro­duc­tion of food. It is used to increase the fiber con­tent or as a sub­sti­tute for fat in dairy pro­ducts. It is also used during manu­fac­tu­ring to improve the taste, tex­ture and con­sis­tency of foods,

Our inulin comes from Mexico, from the agave plant «Weber Tequi­lana» with organic cer­ti­fi­ca­tion and matured in the sun. We supply inulin exclu­si­vely to who­le­sa­lers and com­pa­nies in the food industry. Our inulin is available in 25 kg bags.